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The Galactic Government in exclusive partnership Ethereal Network Solutions. and utilizing their registration and registry systems and the Galactic Government, have entered into a historic agreement. THE WORLD'S FIRST EXTRATERRESTRIAL INTERNET The first result is to provide the world with the first EXTRATERRESTRIAL DOMAIN NAMES, in order to maintain the first extraterrestrial Internet, called ETHEREALNET. The initial EXTRATERRESTRIAL TOP LEVEL DOMAIN NAMES will be the two ccTLD (country code Top Level Domains) .ln, and .le. Other new TLDs include .lunar, .moon (for our moon), .venus, .mars, .jupiter, .saturn, .uranus, .neptune, .pluto for all of our planets and .space. WE ALSO OFFER THE MOST POPULAR EARTH-BOUND TLDs AT REASONABLE COST AND VERY LOW COST WEB HOSTING FOR ANY DOMAIN IN OUR SYSTEM. To apply for and secure the activation of these domains with the Earth-bound root servers, the Galactic Government, Lunar Embassy and Ethereal Network Solutions have begun the process of taking registrations for these Top level Domains at www.lunarembassy.com. For existing and new customers of the Lunar Embassy, two domain names, one in .le and one in .ln are FREE for the first year. All existing customers must do is go to The Lunar Embassy or EtherealNet.com web site and reserve their name on site! Don't miss out on this FABULOUS opportunity to be part of a very large beginning!
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Lunar and Planetary Real Estate. The creation and workings of the Galactic Government.